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London Global Learning & Development was born out of a unique and exciting collaboration between experiential learning specialists PCA Global and Ian Mann, a globally renowned leader in corporate training and development for over 25 years.

We focus on delivering the very best Management Skills, Professional Development and Technical skills training available, whilst appreciating the unique experience that each client will bring to the learning journey through their own cultural and commercial context.

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Unique global leaders

London Global draws on PCA’s cutting edge and award-winning global specialist in highly immersive and experiential learning for leaders across all levels, sectors and geographies, working in over 45 countries, with over 150 client organisations, including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 global corporates. With a unique history that was crafted in the Law Courts of the UK and London’s West End stage, PCA Global combines credibility and creativity like no other learning and development organisation in the world.

Unrivalled experience

Ian Mann brings huge credibility and experience of providing training courses to clients throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pac, understanding the critical importance of exceptional client service, personal care, attention to detail and a nuanced understanding of differing regional needs. He has helped to facilitate high class training for thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations spanning over three decades, inspiring excellence in those who have had the privilege of working alongside him. 

First class training

London Global is able to offer individuals and organisation the assurance and confidence that is critical in the new landscape – whether you need a virtual learning solution, or would prefer a first class in-person London training experience, London Global can fast-track your professional development and help organisations to quickly take their people and teams to the next level and to stay ahead of the curve.

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